Enabling YUP Object Schema Validator

jquense/yup is not included in the package, so you have to install it manually.

First of all install jquense/yup to enable the YUP plugin.

npm install --save yup

Define the YUP schema

Define a YUP schema using a function which takes in input the YUP instance and returns the schema:

const $schema = (y) =>
    club: y.string().required(),
    members: y.array().of(y.object().shape({
      firstname: y.string().required(),
      lastname: y.string().required(),

Define a plugins object

Pass the YUP package and the previously defined schema to the YUP plugin.

import yup from 'mobx-react-form/lib/validators/YUP';
import $pkg from 'yup';

const plugins = {
  yup: yup({
    package: $pkg,
    schema: $schema,
    extend: ({ validator, form }) => {
      ... // access yup validator and form instances

Create the form passing the plugins object

new Form({ ... }, { plugins });

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