Fields Properties Bindings

With Bindings you can easly pass the fields properties to the input components.

Default Bindings

Custom Bindings

Why should I use Bindings?

Bindings has many advantages:

  • reduce code boilerplate and errors
  • better mainteninance and readability
  • handle props fallback / overwrite.
  • reimplement the event handlers.

How it works

The binding system works with two modes:

  • REWRITER: an object which assigns the component props names to the fields props names.
  • TEMPLATE: a function which assigns the fields props values to the component props names.

Use the Rewrite Mode if you need a simple a synthetic way to map custom components properties and you are ok using the defaults props priorities and fallbacks.

Use the Template Mode if you need to redefine your properties priorities/fallbacks, customize the Event Handlers or reimplement the bindings from scratch.

More info on how to implement custom rewriters/templates can be found in the Custom Bindings section, otherwise if you are using default html inputs you don't need them, see the Default Bindings section.

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