Custom Declarative Validation Rules (DVR)

Using skaterdav85/validatorjs as plugin, the Declarative Validation Rules (DVR) funcionalities will be enabled and can be extended too.

See the skaterdav85/validatorjs documentation: Registering Custom Validation Rules for a deeper explaination

Below we see how to implement it in mobx-react-form:

Define a rules object with the custom rules

const rules = {
  telephone: {
    function: (value) => value.match(/^\d{3}-\d{3}-\d{4}$/),
    message: 'The :attribute phone number is not in the format XXX-XXX-XXXX.',

Implement the extend callback for the plugins object

The extend function takes in input an object with the following props:

  • the form instance
  • the validator instance
import dvr from 'mobx-react-form/lib/validators/DVR';
import validatorjs from 'validatorjs';

const plugins = {
  dvr: dvr({
    package: validatorjs,
    extend: ({ validator, form }) => {
      // here we can access the `validatorjs` instance (validator)
      // and we can add the rules using the `register()` method.
      Object.keys(rules).forEach((key) =>
        validator.register(key, rules[key].function, rules[key].message));

// create the form using the extended `plugins` object
new Form({ ... }, { plugins });
VERSION < 1.37

No need to import the plugin function:

import validatorjs from 'validatorjs';

const plugins = {
  dvr: {
    package: validatorjs,
    extend: () => { ... },

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