Getting Started (class)

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npm install --save mobx-react-form

Choose and Setup a Validation Plugin

See Validation Plugins & Modes and Supported Validation Packages for more info.

Define the Form Class

import { Form } from 'mobx-react-form';
import dvr from 'mobx-react-form/lib/validators/DVR';
import validatorjs from 'validatorjs';

export default class MyForm extends Form {

    Below we are returning a `plugins` object using the `validatorjs` package
    to enable `DVR` functionalities (Declarative Validation Rules).
  plugins() {
    return {
      dvr: dvr(validatorjs),

    Return the `fields` as a collection into the `setup()` method
    with a `rules` property for the validation.
  setup() {
    return {
      fields: [{
        name: 'email',
        label: 'Email',
        placeholder: 'Insert Email',
        rules: 'required|email|string|between:5,25',
        value: ''
      }, {
        name: 'password',
        label: 'Password',
        placeholder: 'Insert Password',
        rules: 'required|string|between:5,25',
      }, {
        name: 'passwordConfirm',
        label: 'Password Confirmation',
        placeholder: 'Confirm Password',
        rules: 'required|string|same:password',

    Event Hooks
  hooks() {
    return {
        Success Validation Hook
      onSuccess(form) {
        alert('Form is valid! Send the request here.');
        // get field values
        console.log('Form Values!', form.values());
        Error Validation Hook
      onError(form) {
        alert('Form has errors!');
        // get all form errors
        console.log('All form errors', form.errors());

Initialize the Form

Now we can create our form instance:

const form = new MyForm();

Pass the form to a react component

The package provide some built-in and ready to use Event Handlers:

onSubmit(e), onClear(e), onReset(e) & more...

import React from 'react';
import { observer } from 'mobx-react';

export default observer(({ form }) => (
    <label htmlFor={form.$('username').id}>
    <input {...form.$('username').bind()} />

    {/* ... other inputs ... */}

    <button type="submit" onClick={form.onSubmit}>Submit</button>
    <button type="button" onClick={form.onClear}>Clear</button>
    <button type="button" onClick={form.onReset}>Reset</button>


Other Field Props are available. See the docs for more details.

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