Defining Nested Fields as Separated Properties

Define Nested Empty Fields

Define the fields structure using dot notation and array notation in an array of strings.

The label will be automatically named using the field name

const fields = [

new Form({ fields, ... });

Defining Nested Values

Provide a values object with only the initial state. You can use array of object too.

const values = {
  club: 'The Club Name',
  members: [{
    firstname: 'Clint',
    lastname: 'Eastwood',
    hobbies: ['Soccer', 'Baseball'],
  }, {
    firstname: 'Charlie',
    lastname: 'Chaplin',
    hobbies: ['Golf', 'Basket'],

new Form({ fields, values, ... });

You can use the values object as the fields if you want to omit the fields structure (not recommended).

Defining Nested Property

You can define these properties:

fields, values, labels, placeholders, defaults, disabled, related, bindings, types, options, extra, hooks, handlers.

Validation properties rules (DVR) and validators (VJF) can be defined as well.

Using Dot Notation & Array Notation

You can set a property for each fields separately creating an object and passing it to the form costructor:

const labels = {
  'club': 'Label Club',
  '': 'Label Club Name',
  '': 'Label Club City',
  'members': 'Label Members',
  'members[].firstname': 'Label Member FirstName',
  'members[].lastname': 'Label Member LastName',
  'members[].hobbies': 'Label Member Hobby',

new Form({ fields, values, labels, ... });
As Nested Objects
const labels = {
  state: {
    city: {
      places: {
        centralPark: 'Central Park',
        statueOfLiberty: 'Statue of Liberty',
        empireStateBuilding: 'Empire State Building',
        brooklynBridge: 'Brooklyn Bridge',

Define bindings prop for Nested Fields

You can define the bindings name of a pre-defined rewriter or template.


const bindings = {
  '': 'MaterialTextField',
  '': 'MaterialTextField',
  'members[].firstname': 'MaterialTextField',
  'members[].lastname': 'MaterialTextField',
  'members[].hobbies': 'MaterialTextField',

new Form({ bindings, ... });

Read how to create new bidings here.

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