Defining Nested Fields as Unified Properties

Define Fields

You can define each nested object property in one place:

A Field can handle a collection of Nested Fields using the fields property.

You can define these properties in each field definition:

name, value, label, placeholder, default, disabled, related, bindings, type, options, extra, hooks, handlers.

Validation properties rules (DVR) and validators (VJF) can be defined as well.

const fields = [{
  name: 'address',
  label: 'Address',
  fields: [{
    name: 'street',
    label: 'Street',
    value: 'Broadway',
    default: '5th Avenue',
  }, {
    name: 'city',
    label: 'City',
    value: 'New York',

new Form({ fields, ... });

The name property is required, it will be the field key.

A Nested Field can be checked as well using its path.

const fields = [{
  name: 'user',
  label: 'User',
  fields: [{
    name: 'email',
    label: 'Email',
    validators: isEmail,
    related: ['user.emailConfirm'], // <<---
  }, {
    name: 'emailConfirm',
    label: 'Confirm Email',
    validators: [isEmail, shouldBeEqualTo('email')],

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