Async Vanilla Javascript Validation Functions (VJF)

Define a function that returns a promise

After the promise is done, we get the result and pass them to a function which returns an array with two elements: the first element is the validation condition, the second is a string with the error message.

export function checkUser({ field }) {
  const msg = `Hey! The username ${field.value} is already taken.`;
  // show error if the call does not returns entries
  return simulateAsyncFindUserCall({ user: field.value })
    .then((items) => [(items.length === 0), msg]);


The async functions can be also written using arrow functions:

export const checkUser = ({ field }) =>
  simulateAsyncFindUserCall({ user: field.value })
    .then(items => [
      (items.length === 0),
      `Hey! The username ${field.value} is already taken.`,

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