Validation Plugins

The validation functionalities are optional and you can choose which kind of library to import to achieve it, based on your own style preferences or needs. You can even mix plugins to achieve more flexibility.

All package listed below are not included in the mobx-react-form package and must be installed and passed to the constructor for the Form Initialization using the plugins object.

Driver Description Package
VJF UMD Vanilla Javascript Functions chriso/validator.js GitHub NPM
DVR UMD Declarative Validation Rules skaterdav85/validatorjs GitHub NPM
SVK UMD Schema Validation Keywords epoberezkin/ajv GitHub NPM
YUP UMD Object Schema Validator jquense/yup GitHub NPM
  • The chriso/validator package when setting up VJF is optional.
  • SVK plugin supports only flat or nested objects fields, not nested arrays of fields.
  • To setup custom error messages, see the related plugin repo, each package has a different implementation.

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