Input & Output functions

Convert Fields value property:

  • input: from input to store.
  • output: from store to output.

The functions can be defined when defining the fields properties.

Both converters functions takes in input the field value and must return it.


The converters can be defined for the separated mode and nested fields as well.

  // Nested mode
  new Form({
    fields: {
      devSkills: {
        value: 5,
        input: value => value.toString(),   // (from input to store)
        output: value => Number(value),     // (from store to output)
  // Separated mode
  new Form({
    fields: {
      devSkills: 5,
    input: {
      devSkill: value => value.toString(),
    output: {
      devSkill: value => Number(value),

In the example above, the provided value will be converted from number to string, to be used in a text input.

form.$('devSkills').value; // string

Afterward, when you serialize the form values using get(), the returned value will be converted back to a number.

form.$('devSkills').get('value'); // number

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